August 21, 2011

I hate falsehoods, I hate lies,
Exhausting, wearying; I despise
The constant battle in my mind
Of Jesus’ love for all mankind
And Satan’s seemingly heart-wrenching hold
On my thoughts. Believing what I am told
By the world instead of TRUTH
That, though we are foreigners like Ruth,
God accepts and loves us still
No matter how we struggle and fail.
He says, “You’re Mine.” They say, “You’re not.”
He says, “My daughter.” They say, “Come on.”
He says, “You’re special.” They say, “No way.”
He says, “I love you.” They say, “Who could?”
He says, “I died for you.” They simply scoff.
He says, “You’re lovely.” They point and laugh.
He says, “You’re chosen.” They roll their eyes.
I stand for Him and receive their lies
As little whispers or screaming jeers
Until, overwhelmed by many tears,
I tell Abba what I should KNOW
And plead with Him for them to go.
But He has a plan for this struggle and pain
To glorify Him until we’re together again.

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