September 29, 2011

The war is rough,
the battle hard;
my mind is so confused.
I think that I have
overcome a lie through You,
but then I fail again.
I think that truth has
conquered the lies
at war within my heart,
but then in weakness I give in
over and over again;
am I not doing my part?
What, Abba, am I doing wrong?
I put my mind on You.
I try to focus on Your truth,
but those lies seem so huge.
It seems that I
am so messed up
for struggling, deep inside,
to believe the truth
within my soul.
Father, what am I trying to hide?
I really don’t understand myself;
my waring parts confuse me
and trouble my mind and heart
because I really want to know
and believe truth. Sometimes I
actually do, but other times like now
I wonder if I only thought
or pretended I did. How am
I supposed to know?
Abba, You’re the God of Truth;
reveal my motives and true
self to me so I can see Your
light within and finally be set free.
I know You are good and loving,
at least these truths I KNOW.
Teach me how to distinguish
my motives, heart, and
experiences from truth.
Amen, Abba, let it be.

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