Saturday and the Hope of Sunday

“Abba, You have taught me some really neat things this weekend. I realized that this whole life is a “Saturday”, You know, the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Life IS a whole lot of Saturdays (confusing, painful, full of doubt, and close to despair), but I can know You better and differently during the Saturday than I can on Sunday. The thing is, we have to live through the silence of Saturday and the great pain and deep hurt that Friday and Saturday bring with the HOPE of Sunday. I’m not talking about wishful thinking or a nice, happy thought. NO, I’m talking about HOPE — living, moving, breathing, life-sustaining, joy-giving, energy-filled, motivational, all-consuming, Christ-centered, selfless, strengthening, passion-filled HOPE!! I realized that living in a Saturday-world is all about the journey. I mean, yes, the goal and achievement IS Sunday and glory — the revealed hope of Jesus! but the journey is where we grow. The journey is where we know You and become known by You. The journey is where we experience what it means to say “It is well with my soul” even when everything seems to be going wrong, no one understands me, people ridicule me, ignore me, or attack me, I feel unloved, I feel like I can’t be open and honest with people, or I experience deep loneliness. Even through pain, struggle, hurt, and doubt, I CAN say “It is well with my soul” because I know that it is only Saturday and that Sunday is coming! If there was no Sunday then, yes, I probably would (and with good reason) despair. But because You, Abba, my Almighty and All-Powerful Creator, are alive and can work in and through every Saturday to bring glory and honor to Yourself, I WILL persevere and not lose hope. Thank You, Abba, for this assured promise!”

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  1. We ARE living in the Saturday type of faith. I like the thought that we are learning the “it is well with my soul” kind of life. Job knew that same thing. Thanks for my early morning thought time. Also, thanks for visiting A Nut’s Notes. If you like dogs check out If you like cats, don’t bother!!

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