DR 2012 — June 30 (Journal #2)

7:10 am
Father, thank You for Noe and his insight. I am poor, Father. I feel inadequate to do what You call me to do. I don’t speak Spanish well. I can’t always relate to others. Give me words and the ability to relate with the people I meet today.
Abba, give me compassion and a tender, moldable heart to be open to Your will and to the people and situations I meet and see today. Give me Your love and help me to see them the way You see them. Break my heart.
Father, give me humility and help me to see Your big picture. Show me just a small glimpse of Your plan to put me in my place, to give me truth about who I am and who You are.
Thank You for Your love. Thank You for blessing me; continue to bless me and my life. I give my life to You for Your purposes.
I love You, Jesus!!

1:06 pm
This morning we started building panels for the chapel! I cut wood with Kiersten all morning; it was really fun! I really enjoy the building. It’s been a blast to learn more Spanish and get to know Crismery and the other girls, Perla and Ange. Perla and I traded Bibles this afternoon and tried reading verses aloud to each other! It was really funny to hear how she said certain words, and I’m sure I sounded pretty funny, too. 🙂
We have eaten really good food thus far and I think we’ll go get ice cream tonight!
Abba, thank You for new friends and beautiful language.

4:25 pm
We went to Tres Ojos Caves this afternoon; they were really pretty! I talked to Crismery on the bus there and back; my Spanish is improving quite a bit! 🙂 Tonight we will do ministry and have fun with kids! Yay! 😀 So excited!!

11:00 pm
Abba, thank You. Ministry was absolutely amazing. When we first arrived, there were kids swarming the bus. We played games with them and asked all their names. I played a hand game where they count numbers but skip numbers with “8” in them. I messed up the first 2 times because I didn’t understand how to play but I finally understood the 3rd time how the game worked and I ended up winning (with another girl)! Most of the little kids don’t know all of their numbers yet… that’s probably why I did so well.
Those people worship like I have never seen before! They dance and shout; the children shout at the top of their lungs! They have no books or screens, so they know all of the songs by heart. They have so little, yet they know that they have God. They don’t just sing the words; they sing with their hearts and truly mean everything they sing. Their joy is so apparent and visible on their faces and in their voices even though we can’t always understand the words.
When we did our mimes, they were completely silent and riveted on our movements. Everyone was mesmerized by them. Father, the weight of all those things, the signs I was carrying in the mime… I understood tonight. Abba, as Brandon (Christ) lifted each one off of me, I felt the weight lifted. I knew what it was to let You take the worries, cares, sins, and burdens from me. I know again intimately what it is to give You all and let go of these burdens and silly things that I meditate upon. Remind me when I do that to give it over to You. You are more than capable and willing to take it ALL for me! Amen, LORD Jesus.
As we left, the pastor said something that stuck in my mind:
“The President doesn’t come here. The mayor doesn’t come here. The government doesn’t come here. You came here. You are not here by chance. God sent you here because we need help. He always provides.” Thank You for sending me, Jesus. It’s a high calling, an honor.
Man, I LOVE my new Dominican sisters! Perla just stopped to say “hola” and give me a kiss on the top of my hair. 🙂
Goodnight, dear Abba. Te amo. ❤

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