DR 2012 — July 3rd (Journal #5)

(Matthew 5:6-8) Father, give me the hunger for righteousness that You have with Your great mercy. Give me a pure heart, for I WANT to see you. ❀
Father, break my heart for others, especially at the village with the women tomorrow (Cercadillo). I bought a headband from Ricki, a woman who was in the story that Ina told us.

6:15 pm
This morning I painted the window pieces sky blue during construction. It was FUN! πŸ™‚
After lunch we went to the beach! We just got back. This beach was very nice, but crowded. The water was warm and the breeze was very nice. On the way back I started to feel bad: sore throat, headache, and chills. :/ Abba, I really want to go to ministry tonight. I know, though, that if I am sick that it is not what I want to do, but what You want to do in me. Please do Your will in my life, Abba. ❀ I love You!!

9:45 pm
Ministry tonight was so beautiful. They start their service with prayer requests and follow with questions that they answer with Scripture from memory. I think we should do those things! πŸ™‚
Kyle and I sang tonight, and it went so well. They worship was powerful. You were glorified in that place. ❀ My mime went well, though it was longer than usual.
After we did our ministry part, eight girls in the church did a dance with black lights to music. It was absolutely beautiful! I was in awe of the talent and gracefulness that You have given them to move so beautifully.
When the service ended, many of the women came to hug us and thank us for coming. The children swarmed us, wanting to touch us, play hand games with us, ride on our backs, or play with our hair. I met two beautiful little girls (a 4 & 5 year-old) that really touched my heart. I picked them up and spun them around in the air, hugging them as they giggled. They loved it. Please work in their lives for GREAT things, Father!
Abba, I realized tonight what an influence each one of us has. I mean, not only do the little kids we’re ministering to look up to us, but many children back home at ARC watch us all the time. They watch our actions and words to see if they line up, and they notice a lot more than we might give them credit for. We influence our peers and even adults, too. Father, that is a responsibility that I can’t carry by myself. Give me the strength and integrity to live a life worthy of influencing others for Your Kingdom. ❀

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