NWC – Hosting Prospies

Who knew that hosting prospective students (affectionately called “prospies”) could be so much fun? 🙂 When my roommate and I decided to start hosting prospies, we didn’t really know exactly what we were in store for, given that neither of us had hosted previously. We figured that it can be a commitment that is as often or not often as we can make work, so it’s ideal for a two-person rooming situation with one roommate being a music major to make sure the prospies get where they need to go on time. 😛

Last night we had our first one! It was a lot of fun; two of our friends also had a prospie staying with them, so we hung out with them, ate in the Nest, walked down to the island to traipse through the freshly-fallen snow, and show them some of the quirks of campus. I think they liked hearing the story about the dead person in the chapel on the island. 😉

I was praying for the prospie we hosted last night ever since we picked to host her a few weeks ago. I pray that God is real to her and that she has a close relationship with Him, listening and obeying. I pray that she is seeking His guidance as to where she should go to school and what she should study. I pray that my roommate and I were able to positively influence her. I pray that she was able to see God in us, through us, and among the people on this campus the last few days. Ultimately, I pray God was glorified. That’s all that REALLY matters. ❤

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