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I am a daughter of the High King of Heaven and I am so content and blessed to be His. I trust Abba (or try to!) with my family, friends, grades, college-crazy stress, jobs… everything. I pray that He may teach you as He teaches me. Join me as I walk on this journey!

I’ve recently found a passion for philosophy and discussing why we believe the things we believe and from where all our assumptions come. My teacher has had quite an influence on my love of philosophy!

I am a graduate of the class of 2012 at Schaeffer Academy! I love my school and am SO thankful to God for the huge blessing that the Schaeffer community has been to me. I am double majoring in Music Education (vocal emphasis) and Music Composition at Northwestern College. I LOVE music theory (a subject most people despise!) and I was practically born to sing. I’ve sung in the Honors Choirs of SE MN for 9 years. It was one of the highlights of my week to be able to get together with my music nerd buddies and make music together!

I have found a love for the Dominican Republic, her people, and her culture during the summer of 2012 as I returned from a mission trip to the DR! My team and I built a 24 x 28 ft chapel for a congregation that had no building in which to meet; we did so much more than that, too! Check out my blog posts about it of you’re interested.

My love of poetry has grown out of a desire to express my emotions, passions, and struggles in uplifting ways and ways from which I can learn, often when I couldn’t express those things any other way at the time.

My prayer is that Abba touches your heart through these words as He has done for me in writing them!

Numbers 6:24-26

July 12, 2013

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