Transform This — What the Gospel of Jesus Can Do!

Transform This | Comment Magazine | Cardus.

This is an absolutely beautiful story of what the LORD can do in people’s lives if they only trust in Him. There is power in His name and in the Gospel, my friends!! Read this and be encouraged. If He can work in these guys, He can DEFINITELY work in you, if you let Him. That’s my challenge for you and for myself today: will we surrender our own agendas and let God work in us??

Completely Changed

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

*I’ve seen before posting before this button that says “inspire me!” I’ve always been curious about it and wanted to post something using it, but never had the time or always had a specific purpose with my posts. So today I decided to try it. Here it goes!*

Hands down,  I know for sure the experience that completely changed my life. It was when Jesus became HUMAN to me. Before this experience, Jesus had been God. He had been holy and just, powerful and mighty, sovereign and good. But He had never been fully human, personable, alive, close… He had never been REAL to me. Once I experienced what it really means to have a relationship with Him, I understood. People just don’t say “He’s 100% human and 100% divine” as a cliche remark. They mean it. They mean that He is not only the God of the entire Universe, that He is reigning over His world right now in Heaven, but that He knows each of us personally, intimately, completely. He knows our thoughts, our actions, our motivations… things about us that WE don’t even understand! And oh, how grateful I am!! If it were any other being that knew me in that way, I would be terrified in a horrible way. I mean, no other being is Good, Righteous, Omnipotent, Love, Faithful, True, Peace, Patient, and Beautiful the way He is. I feel completely safe in the arms of my Savior and my Friend.

This is the Experience, the Person, that has changed my life. I pray He has changed yours, too. If He hasn’t and you’d like to know more, please don’t hesitate to ask! I love talking… and listening.

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