Stars, Wings, Angels, and Winter

Here’s a poem I found while cleaning up for Graduation! I don’t know when it’s from because I didn’t put the date on it, but I’m guessing this is probably 4th-5th grade work. I think it’s pretty cute. 🙂

My friends are stars
around my dreams,
shimmering in the sky
like gifts, glittering
bright and beautiful,
my hope and my light.

Wings on Angels
like marshmallow dreams
our bright lights glitter
white and moon-like
on trees
snow sky winter dream
stars shine in the sky

My wings are light as snowflakes
like shimmering, dancing fluff
around the trees like marshmallow stars
in the winter sky at night

My friends are angels
shimmer and shine
glitter and white
like flakes in the sky
fluff and snow
sister and hope
dream, run, fly

Bright night, cold arms,
angel wings are like
my gift of snow
marshmallow fluff
white and light
jump at outside

Snow and I
we run and play
around the bright white trees
we dance and dream
like angel sisters
light and fluffy bright

Dreams are flying angels
like shimmering, beautiful snow
As we sleep contentedly through the night
Our dreams float down on wings

Shine and bright are friends of mine,
we hope, we dance, we play,
but of the friends I have today,
I fly on hope and light.

Glitter is my sister,
she runs on shimmer stars,
and Glitter’s wings, cold and bright,
are white and shining ice.

Jump and Play are angels
like stars up in the sky
And Jump and Play are shining friends
like snowmen skipping by

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