DR 2012 — The Adventure Begins!

Hey all! Not all of you may know this, but I am traveling to the Dominican Republic this summer for a mission trip at the end of June! I am SO excited for this amazing opportunity to serve God, and I can’t wait to see what He has in store for my team there. We are prayerfully preparing and asking God how we may work with Him and His people everywhere that we go.

We will be working with a ministry already down in the DR called Time Ministries. They line up our work project schedule, which will be to build a chapel for a congregation that does not currently have a building in which to meet. It takes a lot of money to provide for a mission trip! It costs quite a bit to travel, buy supplies for building the chapel, and gather clothing and food to give the people there. That said, it costs each team member around $1200 for the ten days we will be gone. We have 21 team members, so that’s a lot of money!! I know, though, that God is faithful and will provide for everything that our team needs.

If you were perhaps wondering, ‘What can I do?’ here are a couple of ways:

First of all, I would like to ask you to PRAY. Prayer is the biggest thing our team could ask for as we embark on this adventure. We need to be unified in Christ on our purpose and as a body, and it can be difficult to achieve that when so many people from such different households and places gather together. We will be working alongside some of the Dominicans, so we need to be unified with the believers there as well. There are SO many facets involved in a trip like this, and only God knows how it will all fit together! Since this is His work, asking Him to bless and and be with our team is the most vital need we have. I will be updating you all as we get closer to the trip date in other ways in which you can pray for us.

Secondly, we could use financial assistance. God can use you to work through us even if you aren’t going with us! He can use your financial prosperity to further His kingdom. Maybe you are tight on money as is — I am NOT asking you to give because you feel compelled, but out of the generosity of your heart. If you are not able to give now, please do not! But if God is leading you to help us reach our goal, we are SO grateful! One way you can do this is to purchase a beautiful poster with 20 crosses on it, which you can see here. The donation we are asking for them is $20 or more. The proceeds all go towards our DR trip, so this is a neat way to contribute and to also have a reminder to pray for us — the poster — on your wall. If you are interested in donating towards the trip but don’t want the poster, that is welcome also! Just contact me if you are interested and, if you don’t live around here, to get the poster to you if you’d like!

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