how i know i exist… maybe.

In my Philosophy class, my teacher gave us an assignment to give a little speech proving our existence. Here’s my attempt!

I cannot prove for certain that I exist, but I can make a wager on the basis of whether I exist or not. If I exist, then everything around me matters. My choices matter, my actions, thoughts, and feelings matter, and my interactions with other beings (whether they be animals, humans, and God) all matter. Everything in the world has significance because human beings, if they exist, have souls and will live eternally (where is a matter between the individual and God alone). I have a purpose for existence. If, however, I do not exist, then nothing around me matters. My choices have no consequences, my actions, thoughts, and feelings are just figments of some imaginative thing, and I do not actually have any interactions with other beings because they may or may not exist also. I have no purpose, no meaning, for existence. Based upon these assumptions of whether I exist or not, I think that I would rather wager that I exist. This gives life meaning and purpose, even though it also gives me responsibility and accountability towards God.

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