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This Day’s Supplication

Be within me.
Be my Guide.
Go before me,
By my side.
Whisper softly to my heart
So I may hear You and not depart
From Your ways
All of my days.

Let it be.

Abba’s Children

I am Abba’s child. He loves me. He is fond of me. He cherishes me. And all of this… BEFORE I existed in time and space.  Abba made me. He shaped me. He breathed LIFE into me. He sustains me now. He holds my body intact, the sinews of my fingers together as I type this. He speaks each piece of this beautiful creation puzzle into being. I am Abba’s child because of nothing I did or can do. How FREEING! I am resting in this amazing truth, this inexplicable beauty, this magnificent goodness.
You are Abba’s child, too. He loves you. He is fond of you. He cherishes you. And all of this… BEFORE you existed in time and space. Abba made you. He formed you. He shaped you. He breathed LIFE into you. Abba sustains you now. He holds your body intact, the veins and muscles in your eyeballs as you read this. He speaks each piece of this beautiful creation puzzle into being. You are Abba’s child because of nothing you did or can do. How FREEING! Will you rest in this amazing truth, this inexplicable beauty, this magnificent goodness?

Questions, Questions… “Make College Count” Reflections #3

Question #3: What do you believe? OR What questions of faith do you wrestle with right now?
(I’ll answer the second one. I am pretty well-grounded in the first one, though I am always refining it!)

  • the relationship of anxiety & peace (and what they mean)
  • God’s will –> for me as an individual, not His general will for Humankind. I understand THAT pretty well! 🙂
  • What does loving others look like for each person? (and asking Abba that continually)
  • Hearing Abba when I’m listening –> and I want to always be listening!
  • Continually discovering the LIFE of the gospel
  • What does true Christian community look like?
  • Correct and balanced longings/dreams/desires

Reflections: The Rule of Peace

And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body; and be thankful.
~ Colossians 3:15

Hmmm. This is a high calling. It is hard to let peace rule in your heart. As a being-reformed perfectionist, it is difficult for me not to worry about things, even the smallest things. Paul is saying here not just to let peace passively exist within you without any impact, but to let it RULE your heart. Ruling implies authority. It conveys power over that which is under its rule.

It also says to let peace rule in your HEART. The heart is the center of will, the seat of volition. It is where all of our desires are ordered; it is where we determine the organization of our life. The heart involves the power of choice — what we think about, what we say, how we react to others around us. If we let peace rule in our hearts, this means that we let peace be an over-arching determining factor in how we order our life. We let God’s peace control what we think about, what we say, and how we treat other people. If we let His peace rule in our hearts, just think how much less stressful the world would seem. I’m not saying that the circumstances would change; they won’t necessarily, because this world is still fallen. BUT our perspective of the circumstances can change dramatically if we simply let Christ’s peace have control over our lives.

“Be thankful.” Wow, that can be hard. Again, though, if we thank God for the good things AND the hard, painful things, our perspective of the circumstances can transform our attitude and outlook on the situation. Thanksgiving leads to worship, and worship leads to thanksgiving. Both worship and thanksgiving lead to peace. I think a big way to begin letting God’s peace RULE in our hearts is to start thanking God.

So what can you thank God for today? What pleasant things has He blessed you with? What trials has He blessed you with? Both are what we need, even if they are not what we want. How can you begin letting His peace RULE in your heart?

Giving And Taking Away

Tonight while worshipping the Great Creator, we sang Blessed Be the Name of the LORD. This week has been such a blessing from Abba; I have been filled with His peace and stillness in my soul and He has abundantly given me joy to reside with the sorrow in my heart. He has given me joy in the midst of pain, and I am SO grateful. As we sang “You give and take away” I was pondering how true that is. He IS blessed and great and WORTHY to be praised no matter what I’m going through. He is AWEsome no matter what trials and joys I encounter. He gives me great blessings, gifts, talents, and community, but He also takes away those very things. He gives me passions, desires, and dreams, but He also sometimes takes away those opportunities to remind me that He is the One who gave me those dreams, passions, gifts, desires, and the community in the first place! It’s ALL His, and He uses this giving and taking away to remind me that He is in control and that He is doing what is BEST for me. That may not be what I want, but it IS what I need. My prayer tonight is that you and I may trust Abba to know what He’s doing, to have faith that He gives and takes away for His own purposes to make us into the people after His heart that He desires. My prayer is that we all may grow more and more like Him, that we may know Him better and be known by Him better. My prayer is that He may fulfill the deepest longings of our hearts, for it is then that we find joy and fulfillment in whatever circumstances we face. We find purpose in all things — the giving AND the taking away — as part of His perfect plan.

A Day for Change!

Today was a day full of big decisions and changes, so I thought I’d let you share in my excitement!

1) I started my first job (outside of my family) today! I am now working at Sargent’s (a garden center, nursery, and landscaping business) for the spring/summer. This should be a pretty fun job for me, considering that I’ll be working retail and I am definitely a people person! Not only that, but I’ve worked in the vegetable/plant field practically since I could walk, so this will be a place where I fit right in! I am eagerly anticipating helping customers with all of their plant questions and problems, and seeing how much I know compared with the other employees there. I’ll still be helping out some at the Farmers’ Market with my family when I’m not working, though, so don’t worry, those of you who see me through the family business will still see me around. 🙂

2) This morning (before 7 am, I might add!) I officially decided which college I will be attending in the fall!! I am going to Northwestern College with the intention to study Music Education (vocal emphasis). I am SO excited and relieved to have finally made this difficult choice. I didn’t realize how much stress I was carrying around from that tension until it was lifted this morning for good. Yes, there are still a LOT of things that I need to do to prepare to actually go, but I am very enthused to begin this new adventure with God and with all of the people He will put in my life beginning in August! Thank you so much, friends, for all of your prayers concerning this decision. Please continue to pray with me that God will work greatly in this place and in my heart and life in preparation for what lies ahead.

Socratic Dialogue

In Philosophy class after reading Plato’s Republic, my teacher asked us to write a Socratic Dialogue about anything we wanted! Here’s mine, about peace.

Socrates asks Thrasymachus a definition question regarding peace in response to a discussion between them in which they used the term ‘peace’ without defining it.

“What is peace, Thrasymachus?” I asked. “We might look at examples first, or what peace is not, in order to come to some sort of conclusion.”

“Well,” said Thrasymachus. “Peace is not war. War is fighting between people or nations. So, peace is not fighting.”

“War is one kind of fighting,” I agreed. “But there are other types and degrees of fighting. Would you go as far as to say that peace is not disagreement? That it is not any kind of conflict?” I asked.

“Disagreements and conflicts occur when people do not share the same opinions or values. They want to make choices based upon those values. If people desire different outcomes because of their different values, then there is conflict.”

“So you would say that peace cannot equal conflict at the same time?”


“This is good,” I agreed. “But what if we only talk about the self, one person? Can there be such a thing as conflict within oneself? Keep in mind that we are aiming towards defining peace, not conflict.”

“Yes, I think one can be conflicted in themselves. For example, one could want to fall asleep very badly, but not be able to do so. Also, the apostle Paul says, ‘I do what I don’t want to do and I don’t do what I want to do.’  He’s showing that we do not always agree inside of ourselves what the best course of action to take is, or what we really, truly want. I think he’s on to something.”

“Precisely, Thrasymachus,” I replied. “So we have established that an individual can contain conflict within itself. If an individual is conflicted within itself, then how does that individual find peace from that conflict? Have not we established that peace and conflict are not simultaneous?”

“Yes, we have. I think that peace is a good feeling or a reassurance that nothing is wrong.”

“Maybe, but consider this example: A girl was tossing a softball back and forth with her friends at a nearby diamond when a man she didn’t know approached her. He asked her to follow him, but the girl was immediately wary and uneasy. The man proceeded to reassure her that it was okay and he would give her something good if she did. The girl, even having been reassured, was not at all comfortable in that situation. There was reassurance, but was there peace?”

“There was not peace,” Thrasymachus answered. “But I guess I meant reassurance within oneself, inner reassurance. The girl, for example, experienced outer reassurance, but not inner reassurance.”

“So peace is only present when it is within a person and is non-existent when reassurance exists between two people?”

“No, I would say that peace can be outward and inward.”

“Okay,” I nodded. “What is the difference, then, between the two? Are inner peace and outer peace different things, or the same?”

“I think peace within a person is calmness. I think that outer peace with others is probably different, maybe in that it is harmony or order among people, though not necessarily a feeling of calmness.”

“You might be onto something there, Thrasymachus,” I replied. “I wouldn’t jump quickly to say that they are very different, but you certainly gave some good examples of what peace may be. Many times when we speak of peace, we are talking about order and lawfulness in society or within our community. Does this definition of peace remove the conflict of which we discussed earlier? Meaning, do laws and the order of the court remove differing choices based upon different sets of values?”

“It does if people who do wrong because they think it is right are convicted. It does not resolve conflict and create peace unless one person breaks that law.”

“So you’re saying that the law only establishes peace between parties if that law has been broken. The law has no authority in matters of conflict which are not against the law.”


“How might we reconcile this paradox? The law is a form of peace-making, but does not always have authority. What has the authority to make peace if conflict occurs within the law?”

“I don’t know, Socrates,” Thrasymachus replied. “Maybe personal or familial moral codes make peace in matters within the law?”

“That is very possible,” I said. “Let’s explore your proposition more closely.”

Socrates and Thrasymachus proceed to discuss the nature and character of peace.

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