Questions, Questions… “Make College Count” Reflections #2

Question #2: Why are you going to college??

  • To discover more about who God has created me to be and how I fit into His story
  • To serve others: roommates, new friends, classmates, professors…
  • To learn and grow
  • To prepare myself further in using the gifts He has placed in my stewardship
  • To have fun! enjoy life and studying what I love
  • To study music and use it to glorify God — teaching, playing, leading, composing… IF it is His plan
  • To develop into a strong leader for His Kingdom
  • To experience new people/places –> and learn from others!
  • To love God with my mind
  • To influence and encourage my peers
  • To (MAYBE — BIG maybe) meet my future husband (if I get married!!)
  • To know God more intimately and grow in His likeness (I can do this anywhere, so I aim to do it everywhere I’m placed, especially in college!)

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